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Visiting Programs

The Boas Quintas oenological touristic visiting programs and wine tastings develop in the 12 hectares of vineyards in the Dão wine region and in the modern winery located in Quinta da Giesta in Mortágua. Guided tours round the winery with the explanation of Boas Quintas project and winemaking procedures, followed by a commented wine tasting, all with an approximate duration of 1 to 1:30 hours.

Quinta da Giesta Program.

25 Aniversario e Inauguração da Adega Boas Quintas em Mortagua. © Nuno Fox


Tasting includes 1 white wine, 1 rose wine and 1 red wine representative of the Dão wine region

[Quinta da Giesta White, Quinta da Giesta Rose e Quinta da Giesta Red]


Boas Quintas Program.

25 Aniversario e Inauguração da Adega Boas Quintas em Mortagua. © Nuno Fox


Tasting includes 3 white wines and 3 red wines capable of enhancing the influence of Portuguese wine regions in different wines

[Morgado de Bucelas White (Bucelas), Fonte do Ouro White (Dão), Pica Peixe White (Península de Setúbal) and Cytisus Red (Douro), Fonte do Ouro Red (Dão), Gamo Red (Alentejo)]


Fonte do Ouro Program.


Tasting includes 2 white wines, 2 red wines and 1 sweet wine from the high-end brand of Dão region

[Fonte do Ouro White, Fonte do Ouro Encruzado White, Fonte do Ouro Red, Fonte do Ouro Red Reserve and Fonte do Ouro Late Harvest]


* Prices include VAT at the legal rate.

NOTE: For groups of more than 5 persons a special price will be determined given the number of participants, up to a maximum of 30 people per visit.

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Appointments with a minimum of 5 working days in advance. Visits without prior booking and respective confirmation will be subject to the availability of Boas Quintas team.

Opening hours for visits:
Monday to Friday, between 10h-12h and 15h-17h

Opening hours of the store:
Monday to Friday, between 09h-13h and 14h-18h

Languages available for the visiting programs: Portuguese | English


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